Neck and Shoulders
"Finally after years of discomfort in my neck- I am now able to move it without any discomfort. Why didn't I come sooner? Great job!
Judith - Ocean

Lower Back Pain/ Severe Sciatica
"After two years of constant pain, I went to see Dr. Pat.  After approximately 12 visits with Dr. Pat' I am much more mobile. I can move and sleep more comfortably. I am on the road to wellness and health through continual adjustments.  Thank you Dr. Pat!  My progress astounds me!"
Drew Wajnert, owner, www.phanphest.com

"I suffered for 3 weeks before Dr. Connolly called me one day out of the blue on another matter (I guess he knew).  I told him about my pain and fear of chiropractors(from previous experience), but and hour later he was working on my shoulders and talking to me about how energy works and the importance  of spinal adjustment.  Now, 3 weeks later, I am a happy woman with a better outlook on life and chiropractors!  I feel I have found a new doctor, as well as, a friend. I highly recommend calling for an appointment today." 
Asbury Park, NJ

"Dr. Pat has not only healed my body but has been a great help in healing my soul. He is a wonderful practitioner."
Ellen Sharpe from Brick, NJ

"I am very impressed with Dr. Pat's "whole patient" philosophy. He does a very thorough exam on the initial visit and addresses both chronic and acute pain."
Kathy Ragauckas from Asbury Park, NJ
Owner of Wish You Were Here

"Dr. Pat does a great job at explaining the anatomy of how problems relate to the spine. He really helped me understand my body in a way I had never been able to see before. I'm always excited when I have an adjustment scheduled, because I always feel much better afterwards."
Holly Koper from Waretown, NJ
Fitness Enthusiast

"I have had back problems for several years. Most chiropractors just adjust you but Dr. Pat works 1-on-1 with you to solve your specific issues. (Dr. Pat is) One of the best around!"
Scott Riedmann from Neptune, NJ
Full-Time Student

"I never thought much of chiropractic care until I met Dr. Pat. Since he's my 'neighbor' now, I've learned a lot about chiropractic, and find myself agreeing with its philosophies. One thing I was most scared of was neck adjustments, but Dr. Pat's office allowed me to relax because of its 'non-medical' atmosphere. After a few adjustments, my neck never felt looser. I would recommend Dr. Pat to everyone."
Stan Koper from Waretown, NJ
Store Manager Fitness Lifestyles

"At forty years old, I maintain a very active and athletic lifestyle through sports and exercise. Dr. Pat Connolly "Connolly Chiropractic" helps keep my body in tune, healthy and able to withstand tough workouts. Without good chiropractic care I really don't think I would look and feel as good as I do. Thank you Dr. Pat!"
Hank Kuchinski from Freehold, NJ
Fitness Enthusiast

"Having been under chiropractic care for the last 15 years. I have yet to have been treated with the level of expertise, knowledge and genuine care of over all well-being. Dr. Pat will leave quite an impression of professionalism under his care!"
Raymond Serio from Asbury Park, NJ
Hair Colorist

"I have a father and 2 sisters who are chiropractors. As a graduate of Life College, Dr. Pat shares my strict non-medical view of health care that has an emphasis on sickness prevention rather than illness treatment. I received my 1st adjustment when I was 5 days old and have been adjusted literally thousands of times in my life. I am a big guy, so I'm not the easier to adjust. Dr. Pat's technique is exemplary and one of the best I have ever experienced since I started seeing him on 2007. I can't recommend him highly enough..."
Jesse Wayland Adams II  from Asbury Park, NJ
Film Producer

"From the moment you step into the office until long after you leave you feel relaxed. Regular adjustments have made a significant improvement in my general health and well being! Dr. pat is Amazing!!!"
Grant Shea from Point Pleasant, NJ