What is Connolly Chiropractic?

    Connolly Chiropractic is an office that thinks radically different about health.  It is about people, life and living.  Where your health, life and human potential are honored, and focused upon at all times.  This is a place that will help shift your awareness towards a more vitalistic and holistic way of living.  Connolly Chiropractic will help empower you to take responsibility for your own health.

     As society looks back, we realize that health care as we once knew it was actually not about "health" at all, but rather the treatment of symptoms, sickness and disease.  For many years, feelings, intuition and spirit have been ignored.  Rather than relying on technological advances that mask symptoms through chemical and genetic manipulation, more and more people are interested in understanding how to take care of themselves and get more out of life.  We serve these needs with ongoing education and information.  Our intention is to lead people to their highest possibility.

   At this office, you will be cared for as a unique individual and special human being.  You will never be treated like a "case" with a condition, ID number or file.  People here receive hope and inspiration instead of prognosis or prescriptionWe use our heads, hearts and hands to release the essence of life.  This is made possible through precise chiropractic adjustment.

   Our office is located in the heart of Asbury Park.  We serve all ages and walks of life... from newborns to their great-grandparents.   People who are healthy and those who strive for health.  At Connolly Chiropractic you will experience a different way of thinking about life, healing, and wellness, where care is provided through understanding and respect of the inborn natural intelligence inside each individual.  

At Connolly Chiropractic, we Empower Individuals toward their Full Expression of Life.